Our Philosophy

Working out isn’t just something you do to look good. We strongly believe it is the path to living a healthy and fulfilling life and we are committed to creating workouts that challenge you both physically and mentally. We pride ourselves on the unique personalized approach that keeps our clients safe and injury free.

At EDGE Performance we believe that there is a safe and effective way for everyone to achieve their wellness and athletic goals. Many programs and trainers will throw you into a class or workout, be happy to get your heart rate up and tax your muscles, paying very little attention to the details of proper movement and previous injuries.

The EDGE Performance process begins with a free assessment and consultation. During our assessment we will determine if there are any movement issues that need to be dealt with before you start your program.

If you find yourself repeating the process of:

  • Starting a workout regimen
  • Making some progress
  • Injuring yourself
  • Having to stop to get over the injury
  • Lose the excitement or inspiration
  • Start over again (Probably as next year’s resolution)


  • Starting a workout routine
  • Try a few exercises not really knowing how to do it
  • Get bored because of the repetitiveness or not being sure if progress is being made
  • Find excuses why you don’t have time to workout
  • Realize that another week, month, or year has passed and no real progress has been made.

If you find yourself trapped in either of these loops, then we are the perfect program for you!

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You will receive the following:

  • Unlimited large group classes
  • Up to 12 small group personal training sessions
  • Nutritional advice
  • Goal setting session
  • Detailed fitness assessment