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Start the One/80 Transformation!

TheOne/80 Transformation has become a huge part of our what we do because it enhances the effects of our programs, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Here’s Why:

  • Lose as much as 30 pounds during the first 24 day period
  • Reduce body fat up to 4% or more
  • Keep the weight off by changing your eating habits
  • Recharge your metabolism and continue to lose weight even after the transformation

If you purchase the One/80 transformation you will also receive free access to training classes at EDGE Performance!

If you are ready to make the transformation text or call me at 404-295-2658 so we can set up a time to sit down and get you started!

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You will receive the following:

  • Unlimited large group classes
  • Up to 12 small group personal training sessions
  • Nutritional advice
  • Goal setting session
  • Detailed fitness assessment