Kayla Almon

I found Edge Performance when I started looking for a personal trainer to help build on all the physical therapy I’ve had. I’m so thankful that Daniel took the time to talk with my physical therapist and program movements that are challenging and building on what I’ve learned at PT. Can’t say enough good things about this place and Jerome is an awesome trainer!


Fantastic workouts! Daniel and the team know how to make all their clients more athletic. You will leave Edge Performance tired,sore, and fulfilled after every class.

The biggest benefit I receive is mental clarity. All the cobwebs from the workday are eliminated and I can think clearly after class. I credit much of my mental toughness and clear thinking to Edge Performance. My work week isn’t the same if I don’t workout a few times with the Edge Performance team.

Brittany Winfield

After a shoulder injury & being extremely unmotivated to workout by myself, I decided to give Edge a try. Im currently on my 3rd session with Jerome & couldnt be happier. Its not often you come across a trainer who can give you a complete workout & also be sensitive to your tolerance level. Jerome genuinely cares about my quality of life & is passionate about helping his clients. The fact that he lets me be my obnoxious self & bring my dog is a plus! Truly blessed to have found a gym I actually get excited to come to!

Douglas Hassman

I’ve been working out with Daniel for 10 years – hard to believe. Who sticks with the same gym/trainer for that long? Daniel just never stops challenging me. Every workout is different and I always leave the gym completely wipe out from a great work out. He also trains for all levels. In addition to training my wife and I, he’s put my kids through the ringer. They’re older now and have left Charlotte, but still talk about their Daniel work outs.

If you are looking for something that will challenge you and keep you challenged, Daniel is the guy for you. Today was leg day and I’m sore already! Who knows what tomorrow will bring – probably putting on the boxing gloves and taking out some aggression.

Tiffany Hawks

I was seeking something new to engage my body and mind with learning “new to me” exercises and training. I have pre-existing physical injuries, so the first thing I did with Daniel was a flexibility and balance assessment. It was a reminder of basic fundamentals I need to master and progress from there.

We discussed my general goals and each time we train he adds something new and exciting into the mix. I loathe traditional exercise machine gyms and didn’t want to join a crossfit for various reasons. This gym and Daniel’s approach/philosophy fit my needs perfectly. I highly recommend it.

Julie Hutchinson McGinnis

Awesome gym, great people. Love the atmosphere and workouts!

Norm Randall

Daniel is the best at pushing you to your limit, while still knowing your limitations!

Juanita Bryan

I highly recommend EDGE Performance Training for learning self defense skills. My group of friends and I learned simple yet effective skills from the highly experienced martial arts professional trainers on staff. I would absolutely attend EDGE Performance Training again in the future.

Tyler Hamrick

If you are looking for results and a workout that will push you beyond what you think you can do, check out EDGE Performance Training. They have a great staff that really strives to help you exceed your training goals.

Jason Dyckes

I have worked out at Edge Performance Training for the last five years. There are many reasons I continue to choose Edge over other gyms, classes and fads. Daniel Ancheta makes every workout challenging and every workout is different! You may do bear crawls, burpees, mountain climbers, lunges and squat jumps during your warm up! Then the real work begins which could be suspension trainer push-ups, ski machine, box jumps, weight sleds, ball slams with or without a burpees, and perhaps boxing to exhaustion to finish the workout!

The great thing is the next session you attend will be different yet always hard no matter how fit you are. The other great thing about Daniel is he is continually educating himself on new exercises and health trends. He also invests in his business by introducing new torture devices to make you fit! An example would be his recent addition of a medieval mace like weighted ball that he had us slam side to side while seated! If you want a great workout in a friendly environment then check out Daniel and Edge Performance Training!

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