I have worked out at Edge Performance Training for the last five years. There are many reasons I continue to choose Edge over other gyms, classes and fads. Daniel Ancheta makes every workout challenging and every workout is different! You may do bear crawls, burpees, mountain climbers, lunges and squat jumps during your warm up! Then the real work begins which could be suspension trainer push-ups, ski machine, box jumps, weight sleds, ball slams with or without a burpees, and perhaps boxing to exhaustion to finish the workout!

The great thing is the next session you attend will be different yet always hard no matter how fit you are. The other great thing about Daniel is he is continually educating himself on new exercises and health trends. He also invests in his business by introducing new torture devices to make you fit! An example would be his recent addition of a medieval mace like weighted ball that he had us slam side to side while seated! If you want a great workout in a friendly environment then check out Daniel and Edge Performance Training!